About Our Farm

Mighty Greens Farm is located right on the border of Geneva and Elburn. We are a small vegetable farm that focuses on growing the highest quality produce around! We never spray our crops with any herbicides, fungicides or pesticides and take great care to maintain the integrity of our soils. Most of the work done on our land is done by hand (yes, even the weeding!) When available, we always opt for organic seeds and will be growing a wide variety of heirloom crops.

In our greenhouse we grow micro and petite greens year-round. We harvest all of our veggies at their peak ripeness to ensure that you are receiving the most flavorful, nutrient dense vegetables possible.  

 Meet the Farmers

The Owners, Carlos and Katie Palomares

Carlos and Katie Palomares started Mighty Greens Farm in September 2014.  Farmer Carlos has spent many years managing other folks' organic farms and is ecstatic to finally have a farm to call his own!  He is a passionate and dedicated steward of the land.  It is his mission to consistently provide his local community with fresh vegetables year-round.

Farmer Katie is a Nutritionist and has started working on her Masters in Dietetics at NIU. She believes that eating healthy doesn't need to be a chore but rather a joyful (and tasty) experience that begins with the seeds we sow.

Farmer Henry started his career at a very young age (I have a picture of him in the baby carrier at two months old as I harvested tomatoes).  He is always eager to help dig up dirt and find the biggest worms.  Farmer George was born just days before our very first CSA Season got underway!  He loves being at the farm - especially when he can help water the plants!

(Left to right: Monica, Sara, Carlos, Katie and Megan)

Mighty Greens Farm is HIRING for the 2018 Season!  Please email your resume to mightygreens@outlook.com

Positions Available:

Seasonal Farm Crew Worker - Experience in a greenhouse a plus! Hard-worker that is willing to show up and stay focused.  Able to work independently in the greenhouse and also work well as a team out in the field.  Willing to do deliveries once or twice a week. We are looking for a team player that is not afraid to take on some responsibility.  We are a small farm and we need everyone to be putting in 100%.