How many people will a CSA share feed?

This one is kind of hard to answer - it really depends on how often you cook from home and how many vegetables you consume.  A couple that cooks all their meals at home and eats one or two vegetarian meals a week could easily get through the share in a week.  If you eat out often and consume meat at most meals then it might take a family of four to use up a share.    

We include 10 different items in each share.  If you scroll through our photos you'll see pictures of full shares from the past season.  A lot of the greens we put in the share are meant to be cooked - so a big bunch of kale might only be a cup or two of greens once cooked.

Are your vegetables organic?

The farm is not certified organic, but we follow organic practices.  We never spray our crops with any herbicides or pesticides. 

What if I will be out-of-town one week?

No worries! We ask that you give us a heads up at least a couple days before the pick-up date (this way we'll know not to pack your share!)  Your missed week will be added on at the end of the season - so instead of your last share being picked up on October 14th, your final share will be October 21st.  We can do this twice for you during the season. 

I really hate beets - can I swap them out for something different?

Yes - if you pick your share up at the Farmer's Market you can swap out an item in your share that you do not want/need with an item of equal price at the farm stand.

Do you grow everything in the Veggie Boxes?

Yes - everything that goes into our veggie boxes are grown by us on the farm in Elburn.  As CSA shares become more popular, more and more groups are trying to jump on the 'Veggie Box' bandwagon.  So if your goal is to eat locally, make sure to do your due dilegence and ensure that your CSA share is from a legit farm!  We welcome and encourage our members to come out and see the farm and how we grow their produce.