The Greens Program

Eat Local All Year Long

Sign-up today for the Greens Program

  • Weekly Greens Bag filled with delicious, easy to use greens
  • All produce grown at Mighty Greens Farm in our heated greenhouse
  • Grown in Organic Certified Potting Soil
  • Never sprayed with any herbicide, pesticide or fertilizer
  • Sign-up month-to-month - the program runs year-round!
  • Weekly newsletter with farm updates and info on all the greens in your share
  • Pick-up on the farm (40W248 Hughes Rd. Elburn, IL) is available after noon on Tuesdays and all day Wednesdays
  • Pick-up in Arlington Heights (near corner of Salem Ave & Sigwalt Ave) is available on Tuesdays from 2-6pm

Our versatile greens can be eaten raw in a salad, sauteed in olive oil or sprinkled on top of most any dish to adda bit of flavor and nutrition.  We make it easy to get all of your vegetable servings in for the day!

Each share will have 6 different greens.  You can expect to always get a bag of the House Blend and the Mighty Mix.  We'll rotate other greens in each week so you can experience something new every week!  Variety is key to a healthy diet! 

Greens you can expect to see:

House Blend

The Mighty Mix

The Mix of the Week (a Greens Program exclusive!)

Mixto Especial

Leaf Lettuce

Dwarf Bok Choy



Shungiku (great for smoothies!)


and more...

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Did you know that 87% of adults fail to reach the

recommended daily intake of vegetables?

Despite all of the known benefits of eating vegetables, few adults are meeting the guidelines.  At Mighty Greens Farm we care about your health and want to make eating dark, leafy greens as easy as possible! 

Why dark, leafy greens? 

  • Rich in vitamins A, C, E and K
  • Provide high levels of fiber, iron, potassium, magnesium, and calcium
  • Supply a significant amount of folate
  • High content of antioxidants
  • Low calorie

By joining the Greens Program, you will have

access to a wide variety of nutrient dense greens


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